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Owl Facts

There are 137 species of owl in the world.

Not all owls are nocturnal – only a few are.

Most owls hunt at dawn and dusk in the twilight hours.

Contrary to popular belief - owls are not very clever.

Owl Ears and Hearing

Owls cannot turn their head right round – just very nearly.

The tufts on top of an owls head are not ears – they are there to attract a mate.

Owls ears are on the side of their heads just like ours – but with one big difference.

One ear is higher than the other.

This enables the owl to pinpoint sound very accurately.

The “dish” shape on a owls face helps funnel sound to it’s ears

This makes an owls hearing its most acute sense.

How Owls Hunt

Owls do not stalk their prey – they wait for it to come into range.

Then they swoop on it from their perch.

They can do this because they fly silently.

Small feathers on the edges of their wings make silent flight possible