Fly High with Falconhigh

 The Boke of St Albans - 15th Century

This excerpt lists birds of prey by social rank.

Emperor                   Eagle, Vulture or Merloun
King                         Ger falcon or Tercel of Ger falcon
Prince                      The Falcon gentle or Tercel gentle falcon
Duke                        Falcon of the Loch
Earl                          Peregrine Falcon
Baron                      The Bustard
Knight                      Sacre or the Sacret
Esquire                    Lanere or Laneret
Lady                        Marlyon
Young Man             The Hobby
Yeoman                  The Goshawk
Poor Man                The Jercel
Priest                      The Sparrowhawk
Holy Water Clerk    The Musket
Knave or Servant  The Kestrel