Fly High with Falconhigh

Owls at School

Falconhigh is available for informative visits to your school to give interesting, in- depth, talks and demonstrations about owls and their habitat.

We will-

• explain to the children about an owls diet, and how owls catch their food. We show how an owl pellet will give an insight into the diet of that particular bird.
• talk about the different types of owl, nocturnal or daytime owls, and explain how to differentiate between the two.
• explain why owls have silent flight and show this in our demonstration.
• share some of the myths and legends surrounding owls in medieval times.

Hands on Involvement:     We can-

• involve the children in our flying displays, both inside the classroom, or outside, providing there is adequate space. This involves measuring the wing span of the owl, with participation from the children.
• provide sessions for individual classes or can involve the whole school in our displays. Don’t miss our big owl flying, or perhaps you would like to see some hawks too!

Session times and cost-•

We run morning or afternoon sessions. Our charge includes an information pack for use in your classroom.

Public Liability / Risk Assessments

• We are covered by Public Liability Insurance.
• We can provide a comprehensive Risk Assessment, if required

Contact us

If you would like to discuss a visit to your school  or enquire about prices, please:

E-mail      or

Phone      07932402279